Cost of gynecomastia treatment

What are the costs of gynecomastia treatment?
How much does the removal of a man’s breast cost?
Why would I do that at the Gentlemen’s Clinic?

These two questions are the most googled questions when someone suffers from gynecomastia and is interested in male breast removal.
The investment for a gynecomastia, i.e. the removal of a man’s breast, at Gentlemen’s Clinic Zurich is CHF 6,000.
Anyone who only considers price as the sole decision criterion will very often be disappointed in the medium or long term. It is much more important to know what a price actually is, how it is composed and what advantages different providers bring.

What makes the price?
Gynecomastia treatment is an invasive surgery. This means that you are given a mild anesthesia during which you are put into twilight sleep. Depending on the case, not only is the mammary gland reduced in size, but surrounding fat is also suctioned out. So it’s not an operation that is the same for every gentleman across the board. This is also where the experience of the surgeons and team is needed and what was discussed during the initial consultation. A professional beauty clinic also offers all follow-up examinations free of charge until the healing process is complete. Also included in the price is a special compression shirt, which must be worn after each gynecomastia treatment.

Cheaper operation abroad?
Sometimes, when researching on the Internet, you see supposedly attractive offers abroad. Of course, not all of them are bad across the board, but there are some points to consider here.

The doctor sees you weeks before the procedure and not on the day it is performed
No FaceTime or Skype in the world can replace a personal consultation. The doctor can examine you in detail and get the best picture before the procedure. Especially when removing a man’s breast, it is particularly important to examine the condition of the tissue and the mammary gland, as well as appropriate photographic documentation. This is only possible with a live examination.

Friends and family are on site
After gynecomastia treatment, you must not drive a car at first. Since you were in twilight sleep and the narcotics have to break down 100% first, some gentlemen have a family member pick them up, take a cab or the streetcar home.

No expensive travel or accommodation
In the case of an operation abroad, it does not remain with the pure costs. Travel and accommodation must also be paid for.

We are still here tomorrow
The feeling of being treated in a beautyclinic that may not exist tomorrow can become very strong and has even made guest go straight home after running into the supposed beautyclinic abroad for the first time.

Someone speaks your language
Especially when it comes to treatments like male breast removal, it is particularly uncomfortable if they cannot communicate in their native language. Of course, this only applies if you choose to receive treatment in a foreign language country.

High Swiss medical standards
Switzerland is known for its very high standards in terms of training, studies and general approvals for medical devices. Of course, all this is not a 100% guarantee, but it is another factor that should be taken into account when making a decision in case of gynecomastia treatment.

Warranty beyond the door
One of our gentlemen, when asked why he chose to have his man boob removed at the Gentlemen’s Clinic in Zurich instead of abroad, replied, “With other providers, I only have a guarantee until the door! With you guys, I know you’ll still be here tomorrow!”

Follow-up care / follow-up checks for gynecomastia are possible at any time
Since gynecomastia is an investment surgery, it is especially important to perform regular follow-up. Treatment at the Gentlemen’s Clinic enables uncomplicated, regular follow-up care without great expense. You can always see the doctor who performed the treatment.

Not just a “number
In Gentlemen’s Clinic you will have a whole team, which will take care of you 100% and will not treat you just like one of many.

Specialized for men
At the Gentlemen’s Clinic, you will be treated by a team that treats only men day in and day out and is very familiar with the special characteristics of male procedures.

No extra vacation needed for the procedure
Gynecomastia is a treatment that many do not like to mention to their acquaintances. However, if you are abroad for a week or two, it will be hard to deny a change. At the Gentlemen’s Clinic, you’ll be gone for a few hours at most. The next day, depending on the healing, you can go straight back to work.

First get to know
You will have the opportunity to meet us on site before the procedure. Of course, if you travel to a distant provider, you only have the option of meeting him on the day of the procedure.
In conclusion, the price is always secondary in gynecomastia treatments. If someone is not able to make an investment for a quality treatment, it is worth saving for the best possible intervention. It is better to wait a while than to regret it later and then have everything fixed again more expensively after a cheap procedure.


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