Hair transplantation in Switzerland or abroad?

Should I have my hair transplant done in Switzerland?
Should I have my hair transplant done in Turkey?

Since hair transplantation is a financial investment for some people, they often quickly look for alternatives abroad. When it comes to hair transplants, Turkey seems to be a very popular country for hair transplants.

At first glance, hair transplants in Turkey or other countries are quite attractive and especially very cheap compared to a hair transplant in Switzerland. If you only compare the price and use “the main thing is cheap” as the only decision criterion, it is an easy decision.

However, if you are looking at more than just the price you should consider the following points, for a hair transplant in Turkey or other foreign countries.

Costs for travel and accommodation

What is often forgotten is the cost of accommodation and travel. Even if these are included in the offer price, you must be aware that in case of postponements or longer stays, they will have to pay for the costs themselves.

Preparation of the procedure is more difficult abroad

A hair transplant provider in Turkey or other foreign countries will not really get to know you until you arrive. A Skype or FaceTime appointment cannot replace an in-person exam. A serious, thorough hair analysis is not possible virtually anyway. Some providers try to resolve the situation by having you examined and counseled at a small office in your home country and then travel abroad for treatment. This solution brings another problem. They are passed from one person to the next. The person treating you has never seen you before.

During a treatment in Gentlemen’s Clinic you will get to know the person who will perform the procedure afterwards in advance and on the day of the treatment you will see familiar faces who are already very familiar with your situation.

Benefit from high medical standards

The very high standards of training, study and general approvals for medical devices in Switzerland is well known. As a customer, you benefit from well-educated, trained and professional specialists who work with the utmost care.

Communicate in your native language

When you choose hair transplantation in Switzerland, you know that everyone on the team speaks your language, not just one translator or one person. Thus, you can easily communicate with anyone.

More than just a “number

Of course, a lower price also means that you will not receive more service or care than necessary. This gives many customers abroad the feeling of being just a “number”.

The Gentlemen’s Clinic team cares 100% only about you and is always there for you.

Follow up and follow through with hair transplants is crucial

It is especially important for hair transplants to have a regular follow-up. The team of the Gentlemen’s Clinic enables an uncomplicated aftercare, where you regularly visit the specialist who performed the treatment without much effort.

Accompaniment of family or friends possible

Some gentlemen have a family member or partner pick them up after a treatment. Likewise, many of our gentlemen report that after a procedure such as hair transplantation, you simply enjoy being in your own home and prefer to sleep in your own bed. All this is not possible with treatment abroad.

We are still here tomorrow

The situation and the situation abroad is often difficult to assess from Switzerland. This feeling of being treated in a facility abroad, of which one does not know whether it will still exist tomorrow, is not to be underestimated. Unfortunately, this feeling occurs only when it is already too late and you are already there.

We often have inquiries from gentlemen who have had hair transplants done abroad and tried unsuccessfully to reach the provider afterwards. For these gentlemen, we are happy to perform corrective surgery.

Specialized for men

Hair loss in men and the restoration of a hairline, receding hairline or thickening of the hair crown is often very complex and has several causes. Here, in the Gentlemen’s Clinic, you will benefit from a team that treats men on a daily basis and is more than familiar with their special characteristics.

Hair transplantation in Turkey, India or somewhere abroad is a cheap solution for some people, which is taken only on the basis of price. Since a hair transplant should ideally provide a lifelong result, it is especially important to do enough research and make a conscious, clear decision that covers all of the above.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you personally and help you to make an informed decision with which you are satisfied.


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