Even secret agents, managers, visionaries, frequent flyers as well as boundary breakers occasionally need a time-out for body and mind. All our (spa) treatments are also available as vouchers.

Pure relaxation for the gentleman. Enjoy some time out with us at the Gentlemen’s Clinic and let us pamper you.

We will gladly take the time to provide you with detailed, competent and realistic advice. The cosmetic consultation in Gentlemen’s Clinic is always free of charge and without obligation. Contact us anytime by email or phone to find an appointment.


The classic facial treatment (manual or apparative) is also suitable as a gift, for someone who deserves it or for yourself.

The James Bond Facial Classic (45min)
Experience a cleansing, nourishing and refreshing treatment for the face.
CHF 190
Hydrafacial “G-MEN” (Apparative) 90min
Basic cleansing, Acid peeling, Deep cleansing, DermaBuilderTM serum, Hydration & care & Mask
CHF 360


Many factors (negative environmental influences, UV radiation, stress, etc.) are partly responsible for the fact that our skin becomes more wrinkled, coarse-pored, flabby and thinner over time. Microneedling is a minimally invasive anti-aging treatment method to shrink pores, diminish wrinkles, tighten skin or minimize scars.

The affected skin area is gently perforated by ultra-fine needles, and the stimuli triggered in the process lead to increased formation of growth factors, collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin. The result: the skin becomes firmer and more elastic – naturally and without side effects. This innovative treatment can be used not only on the face, but also on other parts of the body (e.g. to treat larger scars gently).


There are no scars; redness may occur occasionally, but this will usually disappear within 1-2 days. Unfortunately, treatment is not possible for the following indicators: skin cancer, active acne, HIV, herpes, hepatitis, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, leukemia or when taking blood thinners.

For optimal results, the treatment should be performed about 4 times at intervals of 4-6 weeks. The final result requires some patience, as it takes several weeks or even months for the stimulated tissue to renew itself. We recommend combining microneedling with autologous blood treatment to achieve even better results. Contact us anytime by email or phone to find an appointment.

From CHF 300


The choice of words is program with the facial peeling. Peeling means exfoliating or exfoliating in English. During peeling, the topmost skin particles are exfoliated. In principle, these cosmetic treatments are done mechanically, but there is also a chemical or enzymatic peeling.

PRX-T33 Peeling
Biorevitalization (3-5 treatments, depending on the goal)
CHF 250
Mandelic acid peeling
Against wrinkles & skin impurities
CHF 195
Glycolic acid peeling
Removes dead skin and stimulates cell renewal
CHF 195
Salicylic acid peeling
For blemishes & blackheads
CHF 195


Global Eyecon: Color pigment change: 4 – 6 sessions needed, reduction up to 80%. Cost per treatment: CHF 90 (6-pack CHF 500)

Eye-Freshup Hyaluronplasma: from 1 session, reduction up to 60%. Cost per treatment: CHF 1500


In mesotherapy, we use tiny fine needles to introduce revitalizing, firming and restorative active ingredients into your skin. This proven method allows accurate dosing and precise injection of the active ingredients. Mesotherapy is minimally invasive, highly customizable and convinces with very good results.

Meso Face Vital Cocktail 45min:
CHF 190
Meso Hair Growth Mix 45min:
CHF 190


Using PIasma Pen, soft anti-aging treatments can be performed and are often an alternative to surgery.


Upper eyelid lift
from CHF 280
Lower eyelid lift
from CHF 250
Crow’s feet
from CHF 250
from CHF 350
Mouth/lip wrinkles
from CHF 250
Forehead crease glabella
from CHF 250
Forehead crease transverse
from CHF 280
from CHF 150


Purification/ lymphatic drainage ideal after lipo. This application acts as a detoxification mechanism for the human body. Lymphatic drainage is a special type of medical massage. The transport of lymph fluid in the lymphatic vessels is stimulated by gentle grip techniques – apparative.

1 x 60 minutes
CHF 160
3 x 60 minutes
CHF 410
6 x 60 minutes
CHF 890
10 x 60 minutes
CHF 1’110


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The Gentlemen's Clinic

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