The phimosis op


What is the procedure of phimosis surgery?

Phimosis surgery is performed under anesthesia of the local nerves of the penis.

Different techniques of phimosis surgery (circumcision):

Complete circumcision (complete circumcision)

In this procedure, the foreskin is completely removed and the glans is completely exposed.
First, the foreskin is detached from the underlying skin of the glans and the possibly too short foreskin ligament (frenulum) is cut.
The foreskin is incised at the back of the penis and cut off at the junction of the penile shaft and glans. The outer and inner foreskin are then sutured.

Sparing circumcision (subtotal circumcision)

This form of phimosis surgery preserves part of the foreskin, since the whole foreskin is not removed.

What happens after phimosis surgery?

If necessary, the doctor will apply a bandage, which should be checked and renewed in the days following surgery.
The patient receives tips on daily wound care and dressing changes. As a rule, self-dissolving suture material is used so that no sutures need to be removed. A check-up is recommended after 3-4 months.


ca 1h


from 7 days


approx 2 weeks




from CHF 3500

Circumcision (from Latin circumcisio ‘circumcision’), also male circumcision, is the partial or complete removal of the male foreskin. It is one of the most commonly performed physical procedures in the world and is usually performed for religious and cultural motivations, rarely with medical indication. Source: Wiki.


We speak of foreskin constriction when the foreskin cannot be retracted over the glans penis because it is too tight. This can lead to recurrent inflammation and pain.
Surgical treatment of foreskin narrowing is called phimosis surgery. This often involves circumcision, which means that the foreskin is partially or completely removed.
The medical reason of phimosis surgery is to restore or enable disturbed functions, such as: an erection, the ejaculate and especially urination.

Advantages of phimosis surgery:

Many complaints that are related due to foreskin narrowing can have positive effects through phimosis surgery. Due to the absence of the foreskin, intimate hygiene is easier and more effective. Thus, less pre-skin sebum is formed. In terms of better hygiene, there is less
Inflammation of the urinary tract.

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